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General information

tim offers you carsharing vehicles and optimal connections at various locations. To become a member, first you have to sign up, either online here [URL] or in your local municipality. You will then receive your tim card. Then you can conveniently reserve (e-)carsharing vehicles on the tim booking platform.

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tim is an innovative mobility model that combines different mobility options. Or, to put it more simply, tim is how mobility should be: clean, modern and sustainable.

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In Central Styria, every tim location offers carsharing with electric vehicles, public charging stations, parking spaces for bikes, and connections to public transport.

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“timely. intelligent. mobile.”

tim Central Styria is a service backed by the municipalities of Hart bei Graz, Nestelbach bei Graz, Laßnitzhöhe, Gratwein-Straßengel, Premstätten, Lieboch, Söding-Sankt Johann, Stattegg, Bärnbach, and by the Stadtwerke Voitsberg and Stadtwerke Köflach public utilities companies. They are supported by the regional management of Central Styria, which is also responsible for the project’s development, having developed the operator model with many partners. tim-Steirischer Zentralraum emerged out of the REGIOtim – Phase 1 and REGIOtim – Implementation phase projects, which were supported by funds from the European Union (EFRE/IWB; Interreg Central Europe) and the regional and transport departments of the State of Styria.

To use tim, you can sign up in person in your local municipality or online and you will then receive your own personal tim card, which costs €50 per year. This means that the entire tim carsharing and rental car service is available to you at low membership rates. You can find all the rates here. Payments can be made conveniently via SEPA direct debit.

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tim mobility hubs

You can find tim’s locations on our homepage.

We are planning to continually scale our range of locations and vehicles.

Every tim location must be connected to the public transport network, and certain conditions pertaining to space and technical requirements must also be met.

Yes, you can! The parking spaces with charging infrastructure are marked at tim’s locations, which are only available for public charging with a private charging card. Charging your own e-car with the tim card is not possible.

You can spot them by their eye-catching, colourful tim columns, and the ground markings, among other things.

Yes, usually. The services will be adapted to the local conditions and needs at each planned location.

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tim card

With your tim card, you can unlock and lock (e-)carsharing cars during your booking.


Please report the loss immediately to the tim service centre by calling the hotline on  +43 316 844 888 200 (24/7) or by email at

 PLEASE NOTE: We will then issue you a new card, which you should collect in person from your local municipality. Unfortunately, you will be charged €30 to cover the cost of issuing a new card.

For (e-)carsharing cars, only during the period in which you have booked them.

Please call the tim service centre on +43 316 844 888-200.

Other people may only use your card when you are present. Companies can register one or more tim cards that can be used by several employees.

This can happen if you have not paid your annual fee or the costs for any of tim’s services that you have been using for an extended period of time. It could also happen if you commit several blatant violations of tim’s guidelines.

No, you have to pay the tunnel toll yourself. However, every tim car has a digital motorway toll sticker.


Registration for tim

There are two ways to sign up for tim: either online or in person in your local municipality. There you can fill out the customer agreement and the SEPA mandate, and read through the terms of use. Within one working day, you will receive your username and a link to set your password. With the login details, you can book a vehicle immediately. Find out more about registration here!

Because by signing up, you will be issued a tim card, and it’s only with this card that you will have access to the tim’s services and benefits. To get this card, you can either sign up online or in person in your local municipality during office hours. You can find more information about signing up here.

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You can sign up for tim online here or in person in your local municipality during office hours.

You can currently choose from the following municipalities:

-Hart bei Graz




-Nestelbach bei Graz


-Söding-St. Johann





-Feldkirchen bei Graz

Whether you sign up online or in your local municipality, you need a driving licence that is currently valid in Austria and your bank card. If you’re already a tim member in Graz or Linz, you will also need your tim card. If you show an annual travel pass for the Steirischen Verkehrsverbund or a KlimaTicket, your first annual fee will be waived.

Of course! You have the option of signing up in your local tim municipality or online here.

As long as you have a valid category B driving licence and you are over 18, you can use tim’s (e-)carsharing services. There is no maximum age limit.

At least a category B driving licence.

Yes, as long as you are over 18 years old.

Signing up and getting your tim card issued takes around an hour. As soon as you receive your login details, you can book and use tim’s cars immediately, which will be no later than the next working day.

After you sign up online, we will confirm your details. This usually takes place within one working day from when you sign up. Once your card is activated, you will be able to book your car online and unlock it via the app. Your tim card will then arrive by post within 4-5 working days.

The (e-)carsharing service is available to you as soon as you receive your login details by email, which should be no later than the next working day. You will receive your tim card directly if you sign up in person, or by post within the next 4-5 working days when you sign up online.

Yes. The minimum contract term is 12 months from the date of registration, after which you may terminate your membership with at least one month’s notice.

No, you can use tim wherever you live.

Book/use vehicle

You can book a tim car on our booking platform using a PC, a laptop, a mobile device or by downloading the app.

Only in exceptional cases from Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

If the vehicle is not booked, you can also rent it spontaneously.

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In the glove compartment.

You will find a user manual together with the tim handbook for a quick overview of the most important processes in the glove compartment.

No, please return your car to the same location from which you picked it up.

With carsharing, you can drive 100 kilometres at the standard rate and 200 kilometres at the weekend flat rate at no additional cost. After that, each additional kilometre will cost €0.10.

Please extend your tim car’s rental period immediately using the online booking system at the standard hourly rate. If the next time slot for your vehicle has already been booked by another customer, please report your delay immediately to the tim service centre by calling the hotline on 0316 844888-200. The tim hotline is available 24/7. You will then only have to pay €20 for the delay in returning the vehicle. PLEASE NOTE: If you fail to notify us of the delay, you will be charged €100.

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Of course. Just terminate your booking using the “Current Trip” (“Aktuelle Fahrt”) function. You will then only be charged for the hour(s) that you actually used.

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Yes. You can start using the car up to 10 minutes before the booked period, but please note that this time will be counted towards the billed period.

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International experience shows that billing by the minute is stressful when you are on the road and significantly increases the risk of accidents!

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You can cancel your booking yourself in the booking system up to one minute before your booked period begins.

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Use of vehicles

Yes, of course! All of tim’s cars have a motorway toll sticker.

No, you are not allowed to drive tim’s carsharing cars abroad.

You can only drive it within Austria.

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The following models are usually available:

  • VW e-Golf*
  • Renault Zoe**
  • VW ID.3***

*At the Köflach, Laßnitzhöhe, Nestelbach bei Graz, Bärnbach and Voitsberg locations

**At the Premstätten, Hart bei Graz, Söding-St. Johann, Gratwein-Straßengel, and Lieboch locations

***At the Stattegg location

Four-wheel drive vehicles are not currently available.

tim is available to you at member rates. You can find the current rates on our rates page.

You don’t need a key for tim’s cars. You can unlock the car with your tim card and start it by pressing the start button.



Yes, but please keep the car clean and ensure that your pet is transported safely (e.g. dogs kept in dog crates).

No, smoking is not permitted in tim’s cars.

Sometimes. This depends on the type of wheelchair and the vehicle in question.

No, you must bring your own child car seats.


Of course! Just don’t forget it when your booking ends.

It’s best to find out in advance whether you have to pay for parking e-cars at your destination.

tim’s cars can be locked and unlocked with your tim card anywhere there is mobile phone reception, which should work in most underground car parks. However, there may be problems with reception in some underground car parks in residential areas.

Yes, but at your own expense.

E-car charging

The navigation system in your tim car shows you many charging stations in your area. In addition, we recommend the app “Emobil charging stations Energie Steiermark” for your smartphone and the BEÖ-website for your PC.

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Your tim e-carsharing vehicle will be charged to cover the distance you have booked. If you stick to your specified maximum number of kilometres, you don’t need to worry about how long it will take to recharge the e-car.

Exception: If you have booked more than 100 kilometres and end up going much further than the vehicle’s maximum range (depending on the vehicle model), you will have to recharge it. How long you have to recharge depends on how many more kilometres you cover. Note: The first 80 per cent of the battery takes approximately 5 hours (for the VW e-Golf) and approximately 2.5 hours (for the Renault Zoe) to recharge.

To activate charging on the road, please use the charging card from the glove compartment for all charging points in the BEÖ-net. Please make sure that you do not exceed the maximum charging time of 240 minutes for AC and 120 minutes for DC!

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With the charging card in your vehicle, you can charge your tim-e car at many charging stations throughout Austria during your booking period. At the charging stations of Energie Steiermark, Energie Graz and the BEÖ charging network, charging is free of charge for 240 minutes at AC charging stations and for 120 minutes at DC charging stations. All other charging points will be billed with the applicable fees.

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Please call the tim service centre on 0316 844888-200. The tim hotline is available 24/7.

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Please call the tim service centre on 0316 844888-200. The tim hotline is available 24/7.

Please call the tim service centre on 0316 844888-200 or email us at The tim hotline is available 24/7.

If the car is excessively dirty, please clean it yourself before returning it. If you return it uncleaned, you will be charged a fee.

If possible, please extend your booking online yourself. If that doesn’t work, please call the tim service centre on 0316 844888-200. The tim hotline is available 24/7.

Please call the roadside assistance number listed in the user manual and inform the tim service centre on 0316 844888-200. The tim hotline is available 24/7.

Please call the tim service centre on 0316 844888-200. The tim hotline is available 24/7.

Please call the roadside assistance number listed in the user manual and inform the tim service centre on 0316 844888-200. The tim hotline is available 24/7. Furthermore, you must always notify the police in the event of an accident – even in the event of superficial damage.

Please pay for it on the spot if possible. If not, we will send you the ticket with a payment slip by email and then you should pay the fine yourself. You will be charged a processing fee of €30 on your next bill.

Park your tim car nearby and call the tim service centre on 0316 844888-200 or write an email to The tim hotline is available 24/7.

It shouldn’t come to that, but if it does look like this will happen, look for a charging facility in the BEÖ network or on your vehicle’s navigation device and extend your booking accordingly. If this is not possible, please call the tim service centre on +43 316 844 888-200. The tim hotline is available 24/7.

Please call the tim service centre on 0316 844 888-200. The tim hotline is available 24/7.

Information about the tim-e-cargobike

It is located at the covered parking space for bikes next to the municipal office. Go past the rotating ball to the left of the municipal office and you should see the cargo bike there. Please note that the cargo bike could also be booked and therefore already underway somewhere.

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Still have questions?

Simply contact us by email or call our hotline on 0316/844 888-200.

Attention for Klimaticket-owners!
Owners of an annual ticket of the Styrian Transport Association*, a KlimaTicket Styria or KlimaTicket Austria save the annual fee at tim of 50 euros. The promotion is valid for new and existing customers.
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