How long does it take to charge a tim e-car?

Your tim e-carsharing vehicle will be charged to cover the distance you have booked. If you stick to your specified maximum number of kilometres, you don’t need to worry about how long it will take to recharge the e-car.

Exception: If you have booked more than 100 kilometres and end up going much further than the vehicle’s maximum range (depending on the vehicle model), you will have to recharge it. How long you have to recharge depends on how many more kilometres you cover. Note: The first 80 per cent of the battery takes approximately 5 hours (for the VW e-Golf) and approximately 2.5 hours (for the Renault Zoe) to recharge.

To activate charging on the road, please use the charging card from the glove compartment for all charging points in the BEÖ-net. Please make sure that you do not exceed the maximum charging time of 240 minutes for AC and 120 minutes for DC!

tim charging situation is changed
The tim card is no longer a charging card since 01 March. To charge the car sharing vehicles, a charging card can be found in the respective vehicle. You can find more information about this in the article.