tim Linz continues to grow

15. May 2020

Mobility service tim (timely. intelligent. mobile.) continues to expand in Linz:

LINZ AG LINIEN launches the next tim location at the Tabakfabrik Linz, including a new business service!

The tim user community will be pleased as the LINZ AG LINIEN launched the fourth tim multimodal mobility node yesterday, on Thursday, 14th May 2020, at the Tabakfabrik Linz. tim’s range of (e-)carsharing services complements public transport and offers private individuals and companies an alternative to owning a car. This makes shorter journeys – to meetings, for example – easier to manage. In the meantime, an attractive business service has also been developed.

“Despite the coronavirus pandemic and the challenges that have come with it, one must not lose sight of climate change. A global pandemic does not mean that the climate crisis is over. For this reason, Linz is continuing on the path it took in the last quarter of 2019 and developing the measures that the Upper Austrian state capital has implemented to combat climate change. One of these measures is the expansion of the forward-thinking mobility system, tim. The new location at the Tabakfabrik is the fourth node of Linz AG’s environmentally friendly carsharing system”, emphasised Mayor Klaus Luger, underscoring the importance of alternative mobility systems.

Regarding the launch of the new location, Deputy Mayor Markus Hein said: “A modern city must provide its citizens with a wide range of mobility options. tim, the multimodal mobility node, is a forward-thinking, climate-friendly alternative to having a second car. It not only makes shopping trips possible, but it’s also an ideal complement to public transport. The problem of the so-called “last mile” – as public transport cannot take you door to door – is thereby minimised. Together with LINZ AG, we want to make switching to public transport even more appealing. I also see a future with tim for larger residential projects in terms of how it will reduce parking and thereby housing costs as well.”

LINZ AG Director-General DI Erich Haider addressed the location’s potential for companies and all those who live or work near the Tabakfabrik:

“The forward-thinking, environmentally friendly mobility service tim is continuing to grow. We are pleased that despite the exceptional situation due to the coronavirus pandemic, we were still able to launch the fourth tim node. This location is ideal for companies and locals.”


New tim package for companies

The new tim location is at the Tabakfabrik, the “hotspot of the start-up scene”, where the Strada del Startup coworking space is also located. Companies as well as local residents can benefit in particular from having the (e-)carsharing service practically on their doorstep. With the launch of the Tabakfabrik location, LINZ AG LINIEN is now also offering a new business service, the tim Business card.

“As a complement to public transport, tim is not only a great service for private individuals, it’s also great for companies. With tim Linz (e-)carsharing, for example, planned business trips can be conducted quickly and easily. That’s why we have established the fourth tim node in an urban area with a high employment rate, while offering an attractive business service at the same time”, said Jutta Rinner, the LINZ AG Managing Director responsible for transport.


A mobility card for everyone in the company

tim Linz is an ideal companion to day-to-day professional mobility. Thanks to its new business service, tim is offering companies even more flexibility. Businesses can choose between a transferable card that can be passed around within the company or individual cards for select employees.

Two types of tim Business cards:

  • a transferable business card (= one company card for everyone)

The company uses one (or more) transferable card(s) and then decides for itself which employees can use them. The monthly basic fee is €7, with a reduced monthly basic fee of €3.50 for each additional card, with trips charged at tim’s usual rates. Bills are sent via a collective invoice.

  • an individual business card (= several company cards for select employees)

The company uses individual business cards for select employees. The issued cards are then only available to the respective employees. The monthly basic fee is €7, with a reduced monthly basic fee of €3.50 for each additional card, with trips charged at tim’s usual rates. Each employee is billed individually and provided with their own logbook – ensuring that all trips are properly attributed to the corresponding user.


Increased cleaning and disinfection measures

Due to the current coronavirus situation, tim’s cars are being cleaned and disinfected more intensively. This is verified in every vehicle with an information tag on the rear-view mirror. In addition, disinfectant wipes are made available in the vehicles so that customers are able to clean their hands and the vehicle’s surfaces.


timely. intelligent. mobile. since autumn 2019

tim, the new mobility service from LINZ AG LINIEN that offers stationary (e-)carsharing was launched in September 2019 with the launch of two locations on Linz’s Hauptplatz and at the LINZ AG-Center. The third location, at Johannes Kepler University (JKU), was added in November. tim’s network is now being expanded even further: a fourth tim node at Tabakfabrik Linz has been open to customers since mid-May 2020.



tim’s multimodal mobility model is available in Graz and Linz.
This project is funded by the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK) and is being implemented by the federal railway infrastructure service company Schieneninfrastruktur-Dienstleistungsgesellschaft mbh (SCHIG mbH) as part of its E-Mobility for All: Urban Electromobility programme.

Caption: The fourth tim location in Linz is launched. Mayor K. Luger, Mayor M. Hein, the two managing directors of the Tabakfabrik Ch. Müller and Ch. Eidenberger, as well as LINZ AG Director-General E. Haider, LINZ AG Managing Director J. Rinner and LINZ LINIEN Managing Director A. Waldhör visit the new location Tabakfabrik/Ludlgasse

The tim Linz-App is here!
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