tim Linz celebrates passing the 100-customer mark

16. December 2019
Drei Personen präsentieren tim Karte

tim Linz surpasses the 100-customer mark

tim, the new mobility service from LINZ AG LINIEN that offers stationary e-carsharing, was launched in September 2019 with two locations, one on Linz’s Hauptplatz and the other at the LINZ AG-Center. On 11th November, a third location was launched at Johannes Kepler University. At the end of November, tim welcomed its 100th customer to the tim service centre. “We are delighted that tim is already being used by more than 100 people in Linz after only a short time”, LINZ AG Managing Director Jutta Rinner said.

A warm reception boosts momentum for the next phases

“This growing popularity shows that tim is seen as a practical and sensible addition to public transport, which is what we are offering. With the success of the current three locations, the development and expansion of this modern mobility system for Linz is well on track. Each new location – two more are planned to open by summer 2020 – will further increase the tim user community”, said Managing Director Rinner, looking to the future.  

tim as an alternative to owning a car
tim’s 100th customer lives and works in Linz. “My office is in the city centre and I don’t really need to own a car. The only exception is getting to meetings outside Linz”, Mr Opak said. That’s exactly what he uses tim for. The solo entrepreneur was particularly impressed by tim‘s sustainable sharing concept.

“Our customers often use tim’s cars on these short trips from their home or workplace for personal appointments and business meetings, or for running errands”, said tim’s project manager O. Pils about customers’ first experiences.
tim appeals to all age groups, with 40- to 50-year-olds currently making up the largest group. The average usage time is currently four and a half hours and there is a clear trend towards using e-carsharing vehicles, with 85 per cent of all tim journeys currently being made in electric cars.

The tim Linz-App is here!
The wait is over: you can now download the tim booking platform from the Google Play Store or the App Store! With the app you enjoy many additional benefits. For further information click "read more".
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