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tim as part of the mobility turnaround

Changing individual mobility is currently one of the most important issues. In Linz, public transport stands for innovation and comfort and, not least with its state-of-the-art 24-metre E-(O)buses and the new hybrid electric buses, is making an enormously important contribution to the mobility of the future and the achievement of climate goals. However, trams and buses cannot and will not be the only answer to the challenges facing the transport sector. Other alternatives to individual mobility are needed. So-called multimodal mobility nodes are a very useful concept. These are places where public transport is combined with individual mobility (e-car-sharing) and soft mobility (bicycle parking) to form a sustainable mixed form of mobility. LINZ AG LINIEN has been building and operating such mobility points with tim since September 2019 – and with success.

“Climate protection also means driving the mobility revolution forward. Therefore, it is important to invest in alternative mobility models such as tim, which are an ideal complement to the use of public transport. Linz citizens also accept this: tim has been successfully on the road since its launch in 2019 and is growing steadily. The two million tim kilometers driven so far prove this. I would like to thank LINZ AG, which is constantly taking steps to make the offer even more attractive,” says Mayor Klaus Luger. Chairman of the Supervisory Board of LINZ AG.

“An innovative city like Linz also includes modern, future-oriented mobility concepts. One of these is the tim offer of LINZ AG LINIEN. It expands the use of public transport such as buses and trams with (e-)car sharing and thus enables mobility without having to own a car,” says Vbgm. Mag. Martin Hajart, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of LINZ LINIEN GmbH.

“We are particularly pleased that tim is meeting with such great demand and that we were recently able to open the eleventh junction for Linz residents. For many people, tim also offers the opportunity to drive an electric car and gain first-hand experience with e-mobility,” says LINZ AG CEO DI Erich Haider, MBA.


NEW at tim: A transporter for transporting large items

tim is now offering another novelty: From mid-June, a Mercedes Sprinter will also be available to the tim community at the mobility hub at the Volksgarten. The transporter is ideal for all tim users who are transporting large items or planning a relocation. This makes the Mercedes Sprinter another important component in tim’s service offering, which significantly increases customer benefits and enables all members to use it further. The transporter is a three-seater, the loading area is 2. 7 meters long, 1. 8 meters wide and 1. 9 meters high. A separate fare is available for the van, but like all other car-sharing vehicles, it can also be booked by the hour or at a weekend flat rate.


“We at LINZ AG LINIEN founded tim in 2019 with the aim of offering the right means of transport for every journey and every driving need. tim recently registered more than 1,100 customers who rely on climate-friendly sharing in their daily lives and thus reduce or refrain from using private cars. This also means that every tim user contributes to the mobility turnaround and thus to climate protection,” says LINZ AG CEO Dr. in J. Rinner.


Surveys among users show that tim contributes to a change in mobility behaviour: More than half of tim customers are in possession of a MEGA ticket (or climate ticket). 67% of customers report that they have been on the road significantly less by car since using tim than before. 82% of them are making greater use of the public transport.


More information about tim can be found in the press conference document.

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Text from left: DI Erich Haider, MBA, Mag. Martin Hajart, MBA, Klaus Luger and Dr. in Jutta Rinner with the tim transporter.

Photo credit: LINZ AG/Fotokerschi

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