tim mobility node launches at the Volksgarten

The multimodal mobility concept tim (timely. intelligent. mobile.) has been welcomed with great interest in Linz. And as demand for tim increases, so does supply. The LINZ AG LINIEN recently launched another location in the city of Linz. LINZ AG Managing Director Jutta Rinner, Mayor Klaus Luger, Deputy Mayor and new transport officer Mag. Bernhard Baier, and LINZ AG Director-General DI Erich Haider (see photo) were present at the opening of the node, which is located near the Volksgarten.

As a result, there are now a total of nine locations in the city of Linz and another one in the city of Leonding, thanks to which citizens can be sustainably and flexibly mobile without needing to own a car. On top of the existing public transport services, the new node offers tim users the option of choosing (e-)carsharing.


Near public transport, (e-)carsharing and more

The new location is at Blumauerstraße 1, near the Volksgarten. The area around the Linz train station has now been integrated into the tim network too. This multimodal mobility hotspot offers stationary (e-)carsharing, public e-charging stations, a share taxi pickup point at Goethekreuzung, parking spaces for bikes, and proximity to public transport. Tram stops for lines 1, 2, 3 and 4 and bus stops for lines 12, 19, 17 and 27 can be accessed nearby. The Linz Hauptbahnof is also within walking distance.


Expansion goals achieved: Nine nodes by the end of 2021

The tim mobility concept was launched in 2019, with the first two locations launching at Hauptplatz and at the LINZ AG-Center in Linz. This was followed by the project’s successful first expansion stage (with the implementation of the JKU, Tabakfabrik, Grüne Mitte locations) and the second stage (with the implementation of the solarCity, Simonystraße, and Am Bindermichl locations, as well as the NEW Volksgarten locations). With the launch of the ninth location, the second expansion phase has now been completed. The implementation of the nine multimodal nodes was also carried out in accordance with the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology’s (BMK)* funding programme.


“I am very pleased that the second expansion phase has been just as successful as the first one. With the new location at Blumauerstraße, we have achieved our goal of installing nine multimodal nodes in Linz by the end of 2021, as planned. The fact that environmentally friendly and innovative mobility concepts are increasingly in demand and that we are meeting the mobile needs of our time with tim is also demonstrated by the growing number of users”, said Jutta Rinner, the LINZ AG Managing Director responsible for the transport department (see photo).


More than 700,000 kilometres covered using tim 

tim currently has more than 700 customers who have already booked cars more than 11,000 times. tim’s cars have already covered over 700,000 kilometres, which is the same as going around the world over 17 times.

The tim Linz-App is here!
The wait is over: you can now download the tim booking platform from the Google Play Store or the App Store! With the app you enjoy many additional benefits. For further information click "read more".
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