tim Linz is a popular service in the business sector too

An increasing number of companies are opting for environmentally friendly mobility

Being easily and sustainably mobile without using your own car: that’s the goal of tim, Linz’s multimodal mobility service. In addition to the existing public transport options, our customers have flexible access to (e-)carsharing at tim’s ‘nodes’. This forward-thinking and environmentally friendly sharing service not only offers private individuals alternatives to using their own cars, but with its specially tailored business service, tim is also an ideal companion for companies by offering everyday mobility. tim has been growing steadily since its launch in 2019. There are now nine locations in the city of Linz and one in the city of Leonding.


 tim’s flexible business solution

Around 80 companies are currently using tim’s business solution, which means that the number of companies has in fact doubled since spring last year. “We are seeing a growing trend here. More and more companies are using and appreciating tim’s flexible service. The business sector finds the sharing concept very attractive and it also allows them to take steps towards sustainable mobility and combating climate change. The model is ideal for commuters who travel to work by public transport and who have to go to business meetings throughout the working day. A tim car achieves this conveniently and at a low cost”, LINZ AG Managing Director Dr. Jutta Rinner said.


Sustainability as a reason to use tim

tim already has more than 750 customers in total who have already booked a car over 15,000 times. Furthermore, our customers have driven for over 85,000 hours in tim vehicles. For companies, tim means being able to use mobility as needed without having to be tied to a vehicle, making a private fleet of company cars unnecessary. The big advantage for companies here is that the cars are available on a flexible and individual basis, which means that several cars can be booked simultaneously, for instance. Customers can also avoid having to pay when they are not using them, nor do they have to worry about acquiring permits. Separate business cards are available for tim Business users: you can choose between a transferable card that can be shared within the company or individual cards for select employees. Sustainability is given a particularly important role when you choose tim.

This is also the case for Digitrans, an automated transport solutions provider. The team supporting Managing Director DI Eva Tatschl-Unterberger, MBA, likes using tim’s services, especially at the Grüne Mitte location, which is near the company’s offices. By going with tim, Digitrans doesn’t need to have its own fleet of company cars. Many of its employees use public transport to get to work and then use tim’s services for business trips to locations that are not close by to public transport routes:


“The sustainable development of mobility is very important at Digitrans. We also see many opportunities in the field of automated driving and published a paper last year on the topic of ‘Sustainable development of automated transport solutions’ that outlines our position. As well as our work on the sustainable mobility of the future, we are also striving to reduce our own ecological footprint. This is how our cooperation with tim, from LINZ AG LINIEN, came about. tim enables us to use carsharing for business trips. The service has proven to be practical and inexpensive, and we would highly recommend it to business customers. We are pleased to be able to take part in the mobility revolution”, Managing Director DI Eva Tatschl-Unterberger, MBA, said.


tim’s business card – two models

Two types of cards are available to companies:

•  the transferable business card (= one company card for everyone)

The company uses one or more transferable cards and decides which employees can use them.

• the individual business card (= several company cards for select employees)

The company uses individual business cards for specific employees. The card that is issued is then only available to those users.


Find out more about tim Business here.


The tim Linz-App is here!
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