tim expands to more locations and welcomes 500 customers

13. July 2021

LINZ AG LINIEN launches its eighth tim node in the Bindermichl district

The multimodal mobility concept tim (timely. intelligent. mobile.) is continuing to expand. Mayor Klaus Luger, City Councilor Michael Raml, LINZ AG Director General DI Erich Haider and LINZ AG Managing Director Jutta Rinner were present at the launch of the new tim node at Bindermichl. A total of eight locations are now available to tim users, where customers have quick and easy access to (e-)carsharing in addition to public transport.

(e-)carsharing, near public transport and more

People living in the Bindermichl and Spallerhof districts will benefit the most from the new tim node, which is located at the Stadlerstraße bus stop for lines 25, 41 and 43. As well as being near public transport, the new node offers stationary (e-)carsharing, rental cars, share taxi pickup points, and parking spaces for bikes.

“The number of tim locations is increasing, as is the number of tim users. I am particularly pleased that more than 500 tim customers are already using its (e-)carsharing services. This demonstrates the interest of the people of Linz in this environmentally friendly form of mobility”, said LINZ AG Managing Director Jutta Rinner.

More than 500 tim customers

tim has two reasons to be happy: the mobility service has not only launched its eighth location, it has also recently welcomed its 500th customer. As of the end of June 2021, the mobility service had already gained 515 customers and more than 7,800 bookings. In addition, tim vehicles covered over 485,000 kilometres, which corresponds to circling the globe about 12 times.

“I’ve been using tim’s services since the beginning of June because I don’t own a car and LINZ AG is implementing a great project here. I can use new VW models, such as the ID.3, at a reasonable price, and I can use a tim rental car for longer trips. I appreciate that tim’s locations are close to public transport stops so I can therefore easily switch between public transport and the car. Personally, I would recommend that everyone sign up to tim, whether it’s for a quick shopping run or a trip to the lake, because it is very easy to use: just book and drive!” said Mateo, 19, tim’s 500th customer, who mainly uses the Simonystraße location.


tim Linz at a glance


The name tim stands for “timely. intelligent. mobile.”
The core tim mobility nodes” (= locations) offer a number of mobility choices on top of the existing public transport services
The standard tim location setup 2 e-carsharing cars including charging stations + 2 conventional, fuel-operated carsharing cars + a rental car + 2 public e-charging spaces + parking spaces for bikes + a share taxi pickup point
The tim Linz locations



currently: Hauptplatz Linz + LINZ AG-Center* (Wiener Straße 151) + Johannes Kepler University (Altenberger Straße) + Tabakfabrik (Ludlgasse) + Grüne Mitte (Edeltraud-Hofer-Straße) + solarCity (Heliosallee) + Simonystraße

NEW: Am Bindermichl, Stadlerstraße

*the tim service centre is also located here

tim’s multimodal mobility model is available in Graz and Linz.

This project is funded by the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK) and is being implemented by the federal railway infrastructure service company Schieneninfrastruktur-Dienstleistungsgesellschaft mbh (SCHIG mbH) as part of its E-Mobility for All: Urban Electromobility programme.

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The tim Linz-App is here!
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