tim breaks the one-million mark in kilometres covered — Good Karma Gastro also loves tim!

Since 2019, the people of Linz have been able to use the multimodal mobility services offered by tim ( and benefit from uncomplicated mobility without having to own a car. At the multimodal hotspots, adding to existing public transport services with buses and trams, (e-)carsharing is also available for individual trips. Nine locations are now available in the city of Linz plus one in the city of Leonding. The Linz-based mobility provider has now reached another milestone: it recently passed the one-million mark, with users having travelled more than one million kilometres in tim‘s cars.


“It’s nice to see how much tim’s supply is meeting demand. The tim user community has already covered more than one million kilometres. The idea of sharing is alive and well, a few cars are being used by many people. More than 830 users are now using tim”, LINZ AG Managing Director Jutta Rinner said.


Lots of companies like tim

This forward-thinking and environmentally friendly sharing service not only offers private individuals an alternative to their own car, it is also an ideal companion for companies through its business services, offering them everyday mobility. For companies, tim means being able to access mobility as needed without being bound to a vehicle. A private fleet of company cars is therefore unnecessary. The big advantage for companies here is that the cars are available on a flexible and individual basis, which means, for example, that several cars can be booked at the same time. Furthermore, customers do not incur costs during periods of inactivity, nor do they have to worry about acquiring permits.

With tim Business, you can choose between two customer card options: one that can be used by everyone or several issued to individual employees.


Good Karma Gastro also uses tim

More than 80 companies are currently using the business service in their day-to-day operations, and the catering provider, Good Karma Gastro, known primarily for its restaurants, such as Sandburg, Teichwerk, Der Charmante Elefant, Der Porzellanladen and Vicky Christina Linz, signed up recently as well. The company has been using tim as part of its fleet since March. The Good Karma Gastro team is out and about with it several times a week, for example, for short trips.


“We love the flexibility of being mobile at any time, quickly, easily, cheaply and sustainably”, Markus Mäxx Lott-Funk, one of the four founders of Good Karma Gastro, explained.


The location near the Tabakfabrik is used the most by the company, as this is where their headquarters are located. And using tim is also environmentally friendly. Good Karma Gastro even dodged having to invest in a new company car or purchase a shared vehicle. On average, a standard small car consumes more than 1,600 kg of CO2 a year. In other words, thanks to tim, the company will save more than 3,200 kg of CO2 per year and thus make a significant contribution to combating climate change.


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