The tim vehicle family is growing!

Small, compact and maximum comfort: 3 new VW e-UP! vehicles are now joining the tim vehicle family.

The VW e-UP! are true city runabouts and have a range of approx. 200 km – perfect for errands or shorter trips.

You can see where the 3 new vehicles can be found in the booking platform – either online or in the app.

There is a small difference in the handling of the e-UP! compared to the other e-vehicles. You don’t have a start/stop button, but simply turn the key (located in the center console) in the ignition lock. You can also find detailed instructions here.

What are you waiting for? Register here and soon choose from our diverse fleet of vehicles. Whether it’s a transporter or a city runabout – we’re sure you will find what you’re looking for!

The tim Linz-App is here!
The wait is over: you can now download the tim booking platform from the Google Play Store or the App Store! With the app you enjoy many additional benefits. For further information click "read more".
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