New tim location in Linken Brückenstraße

Uncomplicated and sustainable mobility without your own car: that’s what tim (daily. intelligent. mobile) stands for. The multimodal mobility offer of LINZ AG LINIEN has been available in Linz since autumn 2019 and the demand for tim is constantly increasing. This is why the eleventh location in Linken Brückenstraße was recently opened in the presence of Mayor Klaus Luger, Deputy Mayor Mag. Martin Hajart, LINZ AG General Manager DI Erich Haider and LINZ AG Managing Director Dr. Jutta Rinner. In addition to the ten locations in Linz, a so-called multimodal node has also been available on the Stadtplatz of Leonding since the summer of 2021. At the tim node, customers can flexibly use (e-)car sharing in addition to existing public transport services.

“The turnaround in mobility is an essential component in achieving the climate targets. It is therefore more important to invest in alternative mobility concepts such as tim, which are the perfect complement to the use of public transport. I would like to thank LINZ AG, which is constantly pushing ahead with this expansion,” says Mayor Klaus Luger.

“In addition to attractive public transport services with buses and Bim, innovative mobility concepts are also needed to make it easier to do without your own car. This is exactly where LINZ AG LINIEN is starting with tim: hubs that combine public use and (e-)car sharing,” says Vbgm. Mag. Martin Hajart.

“We are delighted that interest in tim is so great and is steadily growing. Therefore, it is all the better that we are already able to provide tim users with the tenth multimodal hub in Linz with our location in Linken Brückenstraße,” says LINZ AG General Director DI Erich Haider.

tim is constantly evolving: Not only is the tim network constantly growing, but the range is also constantly being expanded, for example with the recent introduction of flexible business solutions. And there is always news in the fleet:

“Two new Cupra Born have recently been available for passengers, which will gradually be available at several locations. And as a small prospect, there will be another novelty for all tim users in early summer,” says LINZ AG’s Managing Director Dr. in Jutta Rinner.


“With tim, we want to make a contribution to climate protection.”

When choosing tim, climate protection also plays a major role for many customers, as did Bettina and Andreas D. from Urfahr:

“We have recently been using tim because we have sold our car for climate protection reasons. We try to reach our routes mainly by public transport, on routes where this is not possible, we use the (e-)car sharing service.”


More than 1.8 million kilometers travelled

Just how well tim is on the move is also proven by the steadily increasing numbers. The mobility service recently registered more than 1,100 customers and 28,000 bookings. In addition, the customers travelled a total of more than 1. 8 million kilometers with the tim cars, which would theoretically make it possible to circumnavigate the globe almost 45 times. Not only is tim appreciated by private individuals, but also business customers like to use the (e-)car sharing service. Companies are mobile with tim depending on their needs, without having to own a fleet of vehicles. The cars are flexible and individually available, which means, for example, that several cars can be booked at the same time. 120 companies now use the flexible business solution.

Photo credit: LINZ AG/Bayer, LINZ AG/Kerschbaummayr

The tim Linz-App is here!
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