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tim’s locations are centralised mobility hotspots in Central Styria. Whether it’s e-carsharing, by bus, train or microtransit, with tim, you stay flexible and sustainably mobile, even without your own car! tim’s locations are easily accessible by public transport or by bike. You can also plug your own e-car in at tim’s charging stations! Take a look at our information folder!

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tim’s locations and public charging stations

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tim is the best!


e-carsharing with tim is really affordable and saves you time and money in everyday life. Now you can avoid having to invest in a car and pay the high monthly costs that come with owning a vehicle. You can find an overview of our rates here.


You can get to tim’s locations directly by public transport or on your bike. There are also charging stations for your private e-car at every tim location.


It doesn’t matter whether you get to the tim location on your bike, by public transport, or on foot, or using tim’s e-carsharing service – with tim, you’ll always be timely. intelligent. mobile. on the go while protecting the environment at the same time. That’s what we call clean and innovative mobility!

This is how carsharing works!

Sign up

You will receive your tim card after successfully signing up in person in your community or online. You can find information about the sign-up process here.


You can book an e-car quickly and easily via the booking platform on our website. Let the good times roll!


You unlock your car with your tim card. After booking an e-car, unplug the charging cable and stow it in the boot. Now you’re good to go!


And you’re off! When you’re done, park the e-car back at the tim location, plug it into the charging station and lock it with your card. That’s it!

  • Jason‘s team has won the ice hockey tournament. His sister Sarah is very proud of him. With the tim rental car, transporting the equipment was super easy. And there was even room to spare for his trophy!

  • Julia loves living in the countryside! Thanks to tim, she is still flexible and mobile. Since Julia has a job interview, she’s choosing the convenience of getting to her tim car by share taxi – the perfect combination for Julia!

  • Nancy is happy. She’s told Tom about tim. Nancy and Tom don’t own a car, but now they can go wherever they want whenever they want thanks to tim. Tom thinks that’s great, so he’s thanking Nancy with flowers!

  • George has a new best friend: tim! George wants to stay over at his girlfriend Betty’s more often. And what does tim have to say about that? He is happy for George and is helping him make the move every step of the way!

  • Rose and Charles love nature more than anything! And thanks to tim, they can now really pursue this passion again. Whether it’s a short trip or a weekend excursion – tim makes sure that Rose and Charles get where they want to go!

Attention for Klimaticket-owners!
Owners of an annual ticket of the Styrian Transport Association*, a KlimaTicket Styria or KlimaTicket Austria save the annual fee at tim of 50 euros. The promotion is valid for new and existing customers.
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