tim launches its fifth location

29. June 2020

tim launches its fifth location!

tim’s network is always growing: its fourth multimodal mobility node was recently launched at the Tabakfabrik. And now, a fifth node has also been launched: tim’s cars can now also be booked in the Grüne Mitte (Edeltraud-Hofer-Straße). tim’s range of (e-)carsharing services complements public transport and offers private individuals and companies an alternative to owning a car.


Development of a modern residential area

The new location is in the Grüne Mitte on Edeltraud-Hofer-Straße, thereby further developing one of Linz’s modern residential areas. Locals will benefit the most from the new mobility node. The location is near public transport stops and offers (e-)carsharing, public e-charging stations, rental cars, share taxi pickup points and parking spaces for bikes.


First implementation phase complete

With the launch of the fifth tim node in the Grüne Mitte, the first stage of tim’s multimodal mobility concept has been completed. Another four nodes in the south of Linz are planned for the end of 2021 and one of them will have already been launched by next autumn.

“With the launch of the Grüne Mitte node, tim’s first implementation phase is now complete. Five tim locations are now available in Linz: at the LINZ AG-Center, the Hauptplatz, the JKU, the Tabakfabrik and now also in the Grüne Mitte. By the end of 2021, another four tim nodes will have been launched as part of the next phase, and plans for their implementation are already underway. Locations south of the city centre are being assessed”, said Jutta Rinner, the LINZ AG Managing Director responsible for the transport department.


tim’s services are popular 

Figures also show that tim’s services are popular. More than 1,650 bookings and 15,000 booked hours have been recorded since its initial launch and tim’s vehicles have already covered more than 128,000 kilometres.

Two residents of the Grüne Mitte in Linz shared their experiences with tim and are really looking forward to the new tim node nearby:

Maria, 34, said:

“I don’t own a car and don’t plan on getting one as I’ve been using tim for a while. I mainly took this decision for ecological reasons, although I was also impressed by tim’s friendly customer service and competence when I signed up. I do most of my shopping using tim’s vehicles. In the future, I plan on primarily using the Grüne Mitte location as I live nearby.”

Manfred, 58, said:

“I can use tim anytime and switch to other locations when necessary. I have never had a problem getting a vehicle when I need one. I am very happy to pay the low membership fee, because I have had to pay significantly more in the past for other providers, especially for shorter journeys. I’m a real fan of what tim has to offer and, above all, I’m completely satisfied with tim’s customer service. I’m really looking forward to the Grüne Mitte node.”

The tim Linz-App is here!
The wait is over: you can now download the tim booking platform from the Google Play Store or the App Store! With the app you enjoy many additional benefits. For further information click "read more".
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