What is the difference between tim’s carsharing cars and rental cars?

Carsharing vehicles and their price model are ideally suited for short- and medium-term use (e.g. running errands and transporting items). Each booking always includes the first 80 km, with each additional kilometre costing you €0.18. Charging costs and fuel costs are also included in carsharing.

Rental cars are more suitable for longer rental periods and greater distances. The distance you can travel with a rental car is unlimited and it comes with a full tank of petrol when you collect it, but you are also expected to return it with a full tank. 

The optimal vehicle for your trip will be suggested to you on the booking platform. You can find the respective rates here.

New tim-location in the Urfahr district!
tim is steadily expanding! You find the new tim-location in the "Linke Brückenstraße". You want to join the tim-community? Pre-sign on our Website or call us: 0732/3400-7733.