tim launches locations in Voitsberg and Köflach

3. August 2020

Ernst Gödl, Member of the National Council, Mayors Bernd Osprian and Helmut Linhart, Holding Graz Division Manager Gerhard Amtmann, Directors and Representatives of Stadtwerke Voitsberg and Köflach, Graz-Köflach-Bahn and Styrian Central Regional Management attended the opening ceremony today of the first two tim locations in the Voitsberg district.

Needs-based mobility for the region

The REGIOtimmobility campaign, initiated by the regional management of Central Styria, has been underway in the Graz area and Voitsberg since 2018. With this project, worth around €3 million, a total of 13 new tim locations will be implemented in both districts, thus expanding Holding Graz’s successful model to the region. Four new locations have been launched in Graz in the meantime.

Comprehensive facilities for tim users in the Voitsberg district

The train stations in the Voitsberg and Köflach municipalities have been chosen as the locations for the new mobility hotspots.

“The location in Köflach has two rentable e-carsharing vehicles, two public charging stations, parking spaces for bikes, lockers with charging ports and a service station for bikes, and is directly connected to the regional bus and train system”, emphasised Stadtwerke Köflach Director Ing. Ernst Knes.

As a complement to this, two publicly accessible charging stations were installed in front of the new municipal office in the neighbouring municipality of Maria Lankowitz.


tim’s services at the Voitsberg train station, which was planned by the Graz company verkehrplus GmbH, are also impressive:

“In addition to the optimal public transport connection, tim Voitsberg offers a total of two e-carsharing vehicles, four public charging stations for e-cars, 10 parking spaces for bikes, and six lockers”, explained Stadtwerke Voitsberg Director Ing. Werner Schmuck.

The Krottendorf-Ligist train station has also benefited from four new e-charging stations and rounds off the service perfectly.

Another tim location on the former ÖDK site is planned for spring 2021. The municipality of Bärnbach and the municipality of Söding-Sankt Johann will also be following suit in autumn with one location each. GKB, represented by Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Franz Polansek and (FH) Tina Schager, are very pleased about this new synergy and successful cooperation.

tim is here – registration now possible

All that is required to book the available e-carsharing vehicles is a one-time registration with the customer service of the respective operator, i.e. Stadtwerke Köflach or Stadtwerke Voitsberg. The advantage for registered tim users: not only can you use the service at your nearest location, but you also have access to all tim’s locations in Central Styria, including Graz, with a total of around 80 carsharing cars. The “shared” vehicles can be easily unlocked and used starting from €4 per hour with your tim customer card. Rental vehicles must be returned to their original locations, as tim is a station-based carsharing model. More information about rates is available at

For general questions or problems with booking, users can contact tim Central Styria’s customer service, operated 24/7 by the company Prime Mobility on 0316-844 888 200 or email

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Attention for Klimaticket-owners!
Owners of an annual ticket of the Styrian Transport Association*, a KlimaTicket Styria or KlimaTicket Austria save the annual fee at tim of 50 euros. The promotion is valid for new and existing customers.
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