tim’s animal friends

Do you want to take your animal friend with you on your next tim adventure?

No problem – whether it’s a carsharing car or a rental car, your pets can travel with you in your tim car. However, please be sure to transport your animals safely, e.g. in a crate or pet car seat. These work much the same way as child car seats do, although your furry friend might need some time to get used to the harness and limited movement. We don’t recommend using dog seat belts, as they can cause more harm than good to your pet in the event of a serious accident.

To avoid getting the seats or boot dirty with pet hair, etc., bring along your four-legged friend’s favourite blanket, for example. Your pet will feel more at home in a tim car and the tim users after you will appreciate getting into a clean car.

Caution: even though it’s pretty cold these days, please remember not to leave your pets in the car on warm summer days, for example, while you’re doing your shopping. When the temperature rises, the car heats up very quickly and your four-legged friends are not able to sweat through their skin, so for them, the heat can be fatal. Please also make sure they get enough water and regular exercise during your trip.