How do I switch off the driving assistants on the ID.3 and what do they do?

Lane Assist helps the driver to stay in the lane. Front Assist monitors the area in front of the ID.3 with a multifunction camera and issues warnings and initiates severe braking if there is a risk of rear-ending the vehicle in front of you. The Turning Assistant monitors oncoming traffic when turning left and, in an emergency, it also warns the driver and brakes. The Swerve Assist helps the driver during an avoidance manoeuvre so that a collision with an obstacle is avoided. The acoustic parking assistant and the rear-view camera also prevent parking damage and have an automatic manoeuvre braking function. The vehicle has a driver fatigue detection system that provides the driver with a five-second acoustic warning and an optical indication that recommends the driver to take a break if it detects a drop in concentration. The warning is repeated after 15 minutes if no break has been taken.


The assistants can be found in the infotainment system under “Assist“.

The assistants can also be turned off here.

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