This is tim

tim stands for timely. intelligent. mobile. and is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly and innovative mobility service. tim’s carsharing cars and rental cars are also available in your area starting at a rate of €5 per hour.

And best of all: tim is now even more affordable for students.

Discover your tim advantages

There are a total of 12 tim mobility nodes in Graz – all easily accessible by public transport, on foot or by bike.

At these nodes, you can:

  • Use (e-)carsharing
  • Rent a rental car or van
  • Transfer to e-taxis
  • Charge your private e-car

Now even more affordable

With a student ID, there is no registration fee for tim and for those aged 26 and under, the monthly membership fee is €3.50 instead of €7. Those with Top Tickets for students will even have their membership fee waived when they register.

 We recommend signing up straight away at: and booking your in-person appointment at the tim service centre. Bring your student ID/Top Ticket with you to the appointment. Find out more at

The promotion is valid from 1st October, 2021 to 30th June, 2022!

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